The Facebook era : tapping online social networks to market, sell, and innovate

Shih, Clara Chung-wai.
The Facebook era : tapping online social networks to market, sell, and innovate / Clara Shih.
2nd ed.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, c2011.
xvi, 350 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes index.
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the author
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Why Social Networking Matters For Business
  • 1: Fourth revolution
  • Today's social customer
  • Facebook versus Twitter and Linkedln
  • Why Facebook won
  • Google buzz
  • Private social networks
  • Social network platforms
  • Promising new era
  • 2: New social norms
  • Identity, sharing, and influence on the social web
  • Importance of being customer-centric
  • Transitive trust
  • 3: How relationships and social capital are changing
  • What is social capital?
  • New modes of communication on the social web
  • Power of weak ties
  • Supplementing offline networking with online interactions
  • Flattening effect
  • Creating new value from network effects
  • Part 2: Social Networking Across Your Organization
  • 4: Sales in the Facebook era
  • Transforming the sales cycle
  • Social CRM
  • 5: Customer service in the Facebook era
  • Thinking holistically about the customer experience
  • Five steps to successful social customer service
  • Calculating your cost savings
  • 6: Marketing in the Facebook era
  • New rules of marketing
  • Hypertargeting
  • Social distribution and word-of-mouth
  • Engagement is king
  • Challenges and limitations
  • 7: Innovation and collaboration in the Facebook era
  • Concept generation
  • Prototyping
  • Commercial implementation
  • Continual iteration
  • 8: Recruiting in the Facebook era
  • Which social network is best for recruiting?
  • Sourcing and screening candidates
  • Candidate references
  • Employer and recruiter reputation
  • Keeping in touch
  • Advice for candidates
  • Be aware of employee poaching
  • Part 3: Step-by-Step Guide To Social Networking For Business
  • 9: How to: develop your Facebook era plan and metrics
  • Listening first
  • Establishing the business objectives
  • Defining your metrics
  • Mobilizing the team
  • Framing your strategy in terms of the customer
  • Getting started on Facebook and Twitter
  • 10: How to: build and manage relationships on the social web
  • Personal versus professional identity
  • Interacting on Facebook and Twitter
  • Networking on the social web
  • Connecting with new people
  • 11: How to: engage customers with Facebook pages and Twitter
  • Overview of Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Setting up your Facebook page
  • Getting (and keeping) fans
  • Advanced best practices
  • Best of Twitter and Facebook pages
  • 12: How to: advertise and promote on the social web
  • Building your Linkedln DirectAds campaign
  • Creating your Facebook ad campaign
  • Which attributes should you hypertarget on?
  • Selecting your ad creative and call to action
  • Typing back to your goals
  • Engagement ads
  • Twitter's promoted tweets
  • Part 4: Social Networking Strategy
  • 13: Advice for small business
  • 1: Start small
  • 2: Consider using your personal profile instead of a Facebook page
  • 3: Take advantage of location targeting and geolocation
  • 4: Build community
  • 5: Build your sphere of influence
  • 6: Consider ditching your Web site
  • 7: Have a personality
  • 8: Do some networking
  • 9: Be smart about your time
  • 10: Get help
  • 14: Advice for nonprofits, healthcare, education, and political campaigns
  • Nonprofits
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Political campaigns
  • 15: Corporate governance, strategy, and implementation
  • Social media culture
  • Social media policy and processes
  • Social systems and technologies
  • 16: Future of social business
  • Social, personalized, and real time
  • ROI of the social Web
  • Trends in the social Web
  • Final remarks
  • Index.
This book contains new best practices and techniques for growing your business with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! It is completely udated with five new chapters: planning/metrics, customer service, and much more; New and revamped case studies; New guest contributions from world-class experts, such as Charlene Li; New, instantly actionable "To Do" lists after every chapter; New Facebook discussion threads and much more! Whatever your business or organizational goals, this book will help you use social networking to achieve them. The author, a social networking innovator, brings together powerful new insights, best practices, and easy-to-use "To Do" lists packed with proven solutions from real-world case studies. Writing for entrepreneurs and business professionals across marketing, sales, service, product development, and recruiting, she demonstrates how to move from tactical, reactive use of social networks toward strategic, proactive approaches, and how to accurately measure success. This edition adds extensive new coverage, including hands-on techniques for hypertargeting, engaging customers through Twitter and LinkedIn, leveraging changing social norms, and much more. Also included are more than three dozen guest contributions from world-class experts such as author Don Tapscott and Harvard Business School professor Mikolaj Piskorski, as well as a brand-new chapter on customer service and support, today's fastest-growing area of business social networking. She has even added new chapters focused on advice for small businesses, healthcare and education organizations, nonprofits, and political campaigns.
Subject headings
Facebook (Electronic resource)
Business enterprises--Computer networks.
Online social networks.
Internet marketing.
9780137085125 (pbk. : alk. paper)


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