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The Routledge handbook of popular culture and tourism

The Routledge handbook of popular culture and tourism / edited by Christine Lundberg and Vassilios Ziakas.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.
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Other contributors
Lundberg, Christine, 1972-
Ziakas, Vassilios.
Portion of title
Handbook of popular culture and tourism
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Available on campus and off campus with authorized login.
  • What is popular culture? / Shirley A. Fedorak
  • Tourism and popular culture : socio-cultural considerations / Rodanthi Tzanelli
  • Synontological spaces / Rhona Trauvitch
  • Apocalypto and the end of days : basking in the Maya's shadow / O. Hugo Benavides
  • The commodification of narco-violence through popular culture and tourism in Medellin, Colombia / Patrick Naef
  • Popular culture tourism : films and tourist demand / Yuri Kork
  • Film tourism in the golden age of television / Stefan Roesch
  • Imagining the medieval in the modern world : film, fantasy and heritage / Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost
  • Tuning in : setting the scene for music tourism / S.L. Bolderman and S.L. Reijnders
  • Fado as a popular culture expression in the context of a tourist city / Cláudia Henriques, Manuela Guerreiro, Júlio Mendes and Célia Ramos
  • Transactional bodies : dance, tourism, and idea(l)s of Cubanness / Ruxandra Ana
  • The voyeur at leisure : Flanery in a miniature city : the urban phenomena of Madurodam / Maranke Wieringa
  • Technology adoption and popular culture sport tourism / Azizul Hassan
  • Hunters, climbers, rlaneurs : how video games create and design tourism / Nicolle Lamerichs
  • The peculiar attraction of royalty for tourism and the popular culture construction of "royal tourism" / Nicola Palmer and Philip Long
  • Sun, surf, sex, and the everyday : subverting the tourist gaze with Gold Coast narrative fiction / Kelly Palmer
  • Fandom and its afterlife : celebrity cemetery tourism / Linda Levitt
  • Passing through : popular media tourism, pilgrimage and narratives of being a fan / Lincoln Geraghty
  • A Thai star's appeal to Chinese fans and its impact on Thailand popular culture tourism / L. Yong and C. Phongpanichanan
  • On the road again : revisiting pop music concert tourism / Carla Schriever
  • Music fans as tourists : the mysterious ways of individual and social dimensions / Maria Lexhagen
  • "There were only friendly people and love in the air" : fans, tourism and the Eurovision Song Contest / Henrik Linden and Sara Linden
  • The (promotional) value of public-spiritedness : Irish football fans at Euro 2016 / Neil O'Boyle
  • #LiteraryMe : the legacy of the Bloomsbury Group on London's literary village / Melanie Ramdarshan Bold
  • "I went to India to find myself" : tracing world cinema's neoliberal Orientalisms / Rukmini Pande
  • The force meets the Kittiwake : shooting Star Wars on Skellig / Michael Ruth Barton
  • The narrative capital of the place : how the millennium narratives generate place-related values and attract tourists to Sweden / Joakim Lind and Bengt K. Uggla
  • A "touristed landscape" : speculations about "consuming history", using a case study of an Australian folk hero / Michael Fagence
  • Spain as the scenery of mass tourism phenomena : between elite tourism and popular culture tourism : the image of the Country through Cinema and Photography / Maria-Josep Mulet Gutiérrez, Joan Carles Oliver Torelló and María Sebastián Sebastián
  • Playing at home : popular culture tourism and place-making in Japan / Paul Mason and Gregory L. Rohe
  • Travelling to icons or icons on travel : displacement and representation of places in movies / Burcu Kaya and Medet Yolal
  • The Indianization of Switzerland : destination transformations in the wake of Bollywood films / Szilvia Gyimóthy
  • Film tourism stakeholders and impacts / W. Glen Croy, Marieke Kersten, Audrey Mélinon, and David Bowen
  • Film tourism collaborations : a critical analysis of INTERREG destination development projects / Lena Eskilsson and Maria Månsson
  • Growing competition for screen tourists activates new destination marketing tactics / Valeriya Radomskaya
  • (G)A(i)ming at the throne : social media and the use of visitor-generated content in destination marketing / Tina Segota
  • The Influence of culinary movies as a popular culture tourism phenomenon in shoot destinations / Sara Forgas-Serra, Joaquim Majó Fernández and Lluís Mundet i
  • Cerdan
  • Visitor experiences of popular culture museums in islands : a management and policy approach / Nikolaos Boukas and Myria Ioannou
  • Lifestyle tourism : combining place attachment and involvement in a destination management approach / Michael J. Gross
  • Destination development in the wake of popular culture tourism : proposing a comprehensive analytic framework / Kristina N. Lindström
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Tourism--Social aspects.
Heritage tourism.
Popular culture.
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