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Transcultural nursing : concepts, theories, research and practice

Leininger, Madeleine M.
Transcultural nursing : concepts, theories, research and practice / Madeleine Leininger, Marilyn R. McFarland.
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3rd ed.
New York : McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Division, c2002.
xxi, 621 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
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McFarland, Marilyn R.
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Transcultural nursing.
Rev. ed. of: Transcultural nursing. 2nd ed. c1995.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Ch. 1. Transcultural Nursing and Globalization of Health Care: Importance, Focus, and Historical Aspects / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 2. Essential Transcultural Nursing Care Concepts, Principles, Examples, and Policy Statements / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 3: Pt. I. The Theory of Culture Care and the Ethnonursing Research Method / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 3: Pt. II. Selected Research Findings from the Culture Care Theory / Marilyn R. McFarland
  • Ch. 4. Culture Care Assessments for Congruent Competency Practices / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 5: Pt. I. Toward Integrative Generic and Professional Health Care / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 5: Pt. II. Ethics of Alternative Medicine: Primum Non Nocere / Bernard J. Leininger
  • Ch. 6. The Biocultural Basis of Transcultural Nursing / Jody Glittenberg
  • Ch. 7. Western Ethical, Moral, and Legal Dimensions within the Culture Care Theory / Elizabeth Cameron-Traub
  • Ch. 8. Cultures and Tribes of Nursing, Hospitals, and the Medical Culture / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 9. Transcultural Food Functions, Beliefs, and Practices / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 10. Life-Cycle Culturally Based Care and Health Patterns of the Gadsup of New Guinea: A Non-Western Culture / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 11. Transcultural Mental Health Nursing / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 12. Transcultural Nursing Care and Health Perspectives of HIV/AIDS / Joan MacNeil
  • Ch. 13. Urban USA Transcultural Care Challenges with Multiple Cultures and Culturally Diverse Providers / Beverly Horn
  • Ch. 14. Ethical, Moral, and Legal Aspects of Transcultural Nursing / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 15. Anglo-American (United States) Culture Care Values, Beliefs, and Lifeways / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 16. Arab Muslims and Culture Care / Linda J. Luna
  • Ch. 17. African Americans and Culture Care / Marjorie G. Morgan
  • Ch. 18. South African Culturally Based Health-Illness Patterns and Humanistic Care Practices / Grace Mashaba
  • Ch. 19. Family Violence and Culture Care with African and Euro-American Cultures in the United States / Joanne T. Ehrmin
  • Ch. 20. Elder Care in Urban Namibian Families: An Ethnonursing Study / Cheryl J. Leuning, Louis F. Small and Agnes van Dyk
  • Ch. 21. Culture Care of the Mexican American Family / Anita Berry
  • Ch. 22. Philippine Americans and Culture Care / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 23. Culture Care Theory and Elderly Polish Americans / Marilyn R. McFarland
  • Ch. 24. Finnish Women in Birth: Culture Care Meanings and Practices / Judith Kilmer Lamp
  • Ch. 25. Taiwanese Americans Culture Care Meanings and Expressions / Lenny Chiang-Hanisko
  • Ch. 26. Transcultural Nursing and Health Care among Native American Peoples / Lillian Tom-Orme
  • Ch. 27. Lithuanian Americans and Culture Care / Rauda Gelazis
  • Ch. 28. Japanese Americans and Culture Care / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 29. Jewish Americans and Russian Jews Culture Care / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 30. India: Transcultural Nursing and Health Care / Joanna Basuray
  • Ch. 31. Canadian Transcultural Nursing: Trends and Issues / Rani H. Srivastava and Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 32. Culture Care of the Homeless in the Western United States / Nancy White, Diane Peters and Faye Hummel / [et al.]
  • Ch. 33. Reflections on Australia and Transcultural Nursing in the New Millennium / Akram Omeri
  • Ch. 34. Transcultural Nursing: Curricular Concepts, Principles, and Teaching and Learning Activities for the 21st Century / Marilyn R. McFarland and Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 35. Transcultural Nursing Administration and Consultation / Madeleine Leininger
  • Ch. 36. The Future of Transcultural Nursing: A Global Perspective / Madeleine Leininger.
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Transcultural nursing.
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Transcultural Nursing.
Cultural Diversity.
Philosophy, Nursing.
Cross-Cultural Comparison.
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Enfermeras y enfermería.
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