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Developing and sustaining a research-supportive curriculum : a compendium of successful practices

Developing and sustaining a research-supportive curriculum : a compendium of successful practices / editors, Kerry K. Karukstis, Timothy E. Elgren.
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Washington, DC : Council on Undergraduate Research, c2007.
xviii, 598 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Other contributors
Karukstis, Kerry K.
Elgren, Timothy E.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Pt. 1. Curricular elements that develop critical research skills
  • Teaching and learning strategies. Stimulating attitudes of inquiry with problem-based learning / Harold B. White III
  • Cooperative learning and project-based laboratories as a way to broaden learning outcomes / Thomas Wenzel
  • Implementing inquiry- or problem-based learning in the undergraduate science curriculum: ideals, examples, and concerns / Marie T. Balaban
  • Research link 2000: building and sustaining research-based undergraduate curricula / Jim Hoerter, Sibdas Ghosh
  • Team-oriented, project-based learning as a path to undergraduate research: a case study / Ari W. Epstein ... [et al.]
  • Research-based learning in an introductory environmental sciences course / David H. Firmage, Thomas H. Tiegtenberg, F. Russell Cole
  • Using GIS technology to develop research skills: learning to think spatially and use GIS in higher education / Ann B. Johnson
  • Highlights of teaching and learning strategies to develop research skills. Best practices for a rearch-supportive curriculum / Gina MacDonald ; Debate in the classroom: a means to an educational end / Brent M. Foster ; Preparing students for research at the introductory-level with technology / Laura Guertin ; How I teach experimental psychology: incorporating research in a research design course / Andrew M. Herbert ; Integration of teaching and research through digital fabrication projects in the curriculum / James Thurman ; POGIL: a learning strategy that promotes undergraduate research / C. Salter ; Investigative learning in introductory physiology / Scott D. Hawke, Gary Tallman ; Development of a phytoremediation freshman chemistry laboratory / Bert E. Holmes
  • Skills development. A practical strategy for designing effective and innovative courses / Barbara J. Tewksbury, R. Heather Macdonald
  • Integrating information and scientific research skills training within a research-supportive undergraduate curriculum / Eleanor M. Smith
  • A read-analyze-write approach to research-related literacy skills for upper-division chemistry majors / Marin S. Robinson, Fredricka L. Stoller. Using 'Write like a chemist' at Nazareth College, Rochester, NY / Timm Knoerzer ; Piloting the text 'Write like a chemist' in an upper-division writing class for chemistry majors / Donald R. Paulson
  • How writing programs support undergraduate research / Joyce Kinkead
  • Responsible conduct in research instruction in undergraduate research programs / Amy M. Shachter
  • Highlights of effective practices to develop research skills. Intrinsically meaningful goals and the process of peer review: why and how teaching can make a difference / G. Scott Acton ; A writing-intensive clinical research course / David Cherney ; Grant proposal writing for undergraduates / Cahleen Shrier ; Chemistry research methods: a capstone course / Holly D. Bendorf ; Encouragaing undergraduate research in psychology: two approaches / Theresa Brown, Linda James ; Utilizing a senior capstone research course to promote undergraduate research / Tsu-Ming Chiang ; Integrating an undergraduate elective with research experiences / Zachary Dodds ; Fostering research skills with the incorporation of bioinformatics tools in upper-level biochemistry / Jennifer K. Inlow ; A sophomore course on methods in chemical research / Carl Salter ; Designing and conducting experimental approaches to research questions with a consideration of environmental issues / Kerry K. Karukstis ; From genotype to phenotype / Willetta Toole-Simms ; The catalyst seminar / Katerina V. Thompson, William J. Higgins ; Implementing a capstone honors research experience in psychology / Jane R. Williams, Kathy E. Johnson ; Dollars and sense: strategies for involving students in proposal writing / A. Tabor Morris
  • Pt. 2. Curricular infrastructure that enhances a research-supportive curriculum
  • Curricular reform. Undergraduate research programs: is there a magic bullet for success? / James Gentile
  • Flexible curricular structures to provide time for research within the curriculum / Linda Rueckert
  • A public university science department's experience with problem-based cohort learning / Travis Wagner ... [et al.]
  • A culture of research ad critical thinking: core to liberal arts / Carole Pfeffer, Daylene Zielinski, Gail Henson
  • Integrating research into a small geology department's curriculum / Linda Reinen ... [et al.]
  • How to engage in collaborative curriculum design to foster undergraduate inquiry and research in all disciplines / Patricia Pukkila ... [et al.]
  • Engineering clinics: an integration of research into the undergraduate engineering curriculum / Beena Sukumaran ... [et al.]
  • Animating a biology curriculum with research / Kathleen A. Tweeten ... [et al.]
  • Multi-level integration of student research in a psychology/neuroscience curriculum / Sandra K. Webster ... [et al.]
  • Highlights. Designing a research-driven history program / Dennis G. Glew ; The National Institutes of Health study group: a research-oriented off-campus undergraduate study opportunity at Colgate University / Roger Rowlett ; Integrating undergraduate research into the curriculum: SUNY, College at Buffalo / Jill K. Singer ; The Holy Cross biochemistry concentration: an integrated four-year program to develop undergraduate research scholars / Robert M. Bellin, Kenneth V. Mills ; Research tracks for undergraduates in the Calvin College science division / Janel Curry, David DeHeer ; College-wide curricular reform to provide faculty-student collaborative scholarly experiences at Baldwin-Wallace College / G. Andrew Mickley ; Developing an understanding of the integration of research and society / K. Karukstis ; Transforming undergraduates into skilled researchers using laddered teams / Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, Brian Detweiler-Bedell ;
  • Developing 180 researchers each year in chemistry at Holy Cross College / Ronald M. Jarret ; Problem vs. technique-driven undergraduate scientific research / A. Tabor Morris ; SUMR: Colgate University's program to support faculty mentoring student summer research / Mary Jane Walsh
  • Innovative multidisciplinary courses and programs that generate research and sustain a research-supportive curriculum. How to design, implement, and sustain an interdisciplinary investigative laboratory / Gerald R. Van Hecke
  • Establishment of an investigative curricular approach across the geology and physics programs at Western Carolina University and implementation at other institutions / Virginia L. Peterson, Mark L. Lord ; Kurt Vandervoort
  • Integrating the sciences at Haverford College / Julio C. de Paula
  • The Clean Water Institute at Lycoming College / Mel Zimmerman
  • Integrated biological and chemical laboratory experiences for enhanced education, research opportunities, and career development / David W. Seybert, Jeffrey D. Evanseck, John S. Doctor
  • Highlights of multidisciplinary courses and programs that foster a research-supportive curriculum. A project in integrating undergraduate research with service learning / Michael F. Bassman ; Livin' for the city: an interdisciplinary course / Vincent F.A. Golphin, Danielle T. Smith ; An undergraduate interdisciplinary course in computational and theoretical chemistry: two approaches are better than one / Scott E. McKay, Renée S. Cole ; Teaching the watershed: interdisciplinary undergraduate research and learning / Rachel O'Brien, Eric Pallant ; A projects-based course at Colgate University: Environment Studies 480, interdisciplinary investigation of environmental issues / Mary Jane Walsh ; Colgate University's Upstate Institute Field School: community-based research and learning / Mary Jane Walsh
  • Facilities, resources, and institutional practices that promote a research-supportive curriculum. Facilities and resources that promote a research-supportive curriculum / Neal B. Abraham
  • The role of campus-wide undergraduate research centers in supporting a research curriculum / Mary Crowe
  • Faculty commitment to an inquiry-based curriculum: the Discovery Program / Michael O'Hare
  • Creative activity and undergraduate research across the disciplines / Lori Bettison-Varga
  • Research experiences for undergraduates with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors / S.J. Langley-Turnbaugh ... [et al.]
  • Curricular assessment practices that enhance the undergraduate research environment / Katherine Whatley
  • Highlights. The anatomy of a science scholar / Cahleen Shrier ; Using a student government organization to support interdisciplinary research at Lewis and Clark College / Julio C. de Paula ; ACS student affiliates chapters: education, outreach, and research / LaTrease E. Garrison ; Psi Chi's contributions to undergraduate research / Vincent Prohaska ; Students to scholars: an undergraduate research curriculum facilitating graduate school enrollment / Julie Posselt, Kim Black
  • Pt. 3. Institutional contributions to a research-supportive curriculum: an administrator's perspective
  • Administrative contributions to a research-supportive curriculum / Sheldon Wettack
  • Institution-wide attention: essential to building robust and sustainable research-rich undergraduate stem learning environments? / Jeanne L. Narum
  • Highlights. Undergraduate research: our institutional goal / Jerry G. Chmielewski ; The role of academic administration in achieving academic excellence / Tom Bultman ; Using institutional funds to promote undergraduate research across the college: a strategic initiative / Timothy E. Elgren, William J. Billiter, David C. Paris.
Subject headings
College students--Research--United States--Case studies.
Education, Higher--Curricula--United States--Case studies.
Research--Study and teaching (Higher)--United States--Case studies.
College students--United States--Intellectual life--Case studies.
Education, Higher--Aims and objectives--United States--Case studies.


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