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The Cambridge handbook of personal relationships

The Cambridge handbook of personal relationships / edited by Anita L. Vangelisti and Daniel Perlman.
Cambridge [Eng.] : Cambridge University Press, 2006 (Boston, Mass. : Credo Reference, 2012.)
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Vangelisti, Anita L. Perlman, Daniel. Credo Reference (Firm)
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Handbook of personal relationships.
Includes bibliographical referenceses. Available on campus and off campus with authorized login.
  • pt. I. Introduction. Personal relationships : an introduction / Daniel Perlman, Anita L. Vangelisti
  • pt. II. Foundations for studying relationships. The seven seas of the study of personal relationships : from "the thousand islands" to interconnected waterways / Daniel Perlman, Steve Duck
  • Theoretical perspectives in the study of close relationships / John H. Harvey, Amy Wenzel
  • Research methods for the study of personal relationships / Mahnaz Charania, William J. Ickes
  • Advances in data analytic approaches for relationships research : the broad utility of hierarchical linear modeling / Deborah A. Kashy, Lorne Campbell, David W. Harris
  • Relationship typologies / C. Arthur VanLear, Ascan Koerner, Donna M. Allen
  • pt. III. Development of relationships. From courtship to universal properties : research on dating and mate selection, 1950-2003 / Catherine A. Surra, Christine R. Gray, Tyfany M.J. Boettcher, Nathan R. Cottle, Adam R. West
  • The affective structure of marriage / John P. Caughlin, Ted L. Huston
  • Divorce and postdivorce relationships / Marilyn Coleman, Lawrence Ganong, Kim Leon
  • pt. IV. Relationships across the life span. Relationships in early and middle childhood / Willard W. Hartup
  • Personal relationships in adolescence and early adulthood / W. Andrew Collins, Stephanie D. Madsen
  • Close relationships in middle and late adulthood / Rosemary Blieszner
  • pt. V. Individual differences. Personality and relationships : a temperament perspective / Jeffry A. Simpson, Heike A. Winterheld, Jennie Y. Chen
  • Attachment theory, individual psychodynamics, and relationship functioning / Phillip R. Shaver, Mario Mikulincer
  • "His" and "her" relationships? : a review of the empirical evidence / Emily A. Impett, Letitia Anne Peplau
  • The intimate same-sex relationships of sexual minorities / Lisa M. Diamond
  • Family relationships and depression / Deborah J. Jones, Steven R.H. Beach, Frank D. Fincham
  • pt. VI. Basic processes. Communication : basic properties and their relevance to relationship research / Alan L. Sillars, Anita L. Vangelisti
  • Social cognition in intimate relationships / Garth J.O. Fletcher, Nickola C. Overall, Myron D. Friesen
  • Emotion in theories of close relationships / Sally Planalp, Julie Fitness, Beverley Fehr
  • Physiology and interpersonal relationships / Timothy J. Loving, Kathi L. Heffner, Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser
  • pt. VII. Interactive processes. Self-disclosure in personal relationships / Kathryn Greene, Valerian J. Derlega, Alicia Mathews
  • Close relationships and social support : implications for the measurement of social support / Barbara R. Sarason, Irwin G. Sarason
  • Understanding couple conflict / Galena H. Kline, Nicole D. Pleasant, Sarah W. Whitton, Howard J. Markman
  • Sexuality in close relationships / Susan Sprecher, F. Scott Christopher, Rodney Cate
  • pt. VIII. Threats to relationships. Loneliness and social isolation / Jenny de Jong Gierveld, Theo van Tilburg, Pearl A. Dykstra
  • Stress in couples : the process of dyadic coping / Carolyn E. Cutrona, Kelli A. Gardner
  • Lying and deception in close relationships / Mark L. Knapp
  • Temptations and threat : extradyadic relations and jealousy / Abraham P. Buunk, Pieternel Dijkstra
  • Violence and abuse in personal relationships : conflict, terrror, and resistance in intimate partnerships / Michael P. Johnson
  • pt. IX. Relational qualities. Relationship satisfaction / Frank D. Fincham, Steven R.H. Beach
  • Romantic love / Arthur Aron, Helen E. Fisher, Greg Strong
  • Commitment / Caryl E. Rusbult, Michael K. Coolsen, Jeffrey L. Kirchner, Jennifer A. Clarke
  • Intimacy in personal relationships / Jean-Philippe Laurenceau, Brighid M. Kleinman
  • pt. X. Context. Social networks and personal communities / Graham Allan
  • Relationships in home and community environments : a transactional dialectic analysis / Barbara B. Brown, Carol M. Werner, Irwin Altman
  • Relationships, culture, and social change / Robin Goodwin,
  • Urmila Pillay
  • Personal relationships on and off the Internet / Jeffrey Boase, Barry Wellman
  • pt. XI. Maintenance and repair of relationships. Maintaining relationships / Daniel J. Canary, Marianne Dainton
  • The treatment of relationship distress : theoretical perspectives and empirical findings / Donald H. Baucom, Norman B. Epstein, Susan Stanton
  • pt. XII. Conclusion. Bringing it all together : a theoretical approach / Patricia Noller.
The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships serves as a benchmark of the current state of scholarship in this dynamic field, synthesizing the extant theoretical and empirical literature, tracing its historical roots, and making recommendations for future directions. The volume addresses a broad range of established and emerging topics, including theoretical and methodological issues that influence the study of personal relationships; research and theory on relationship development; the nature and functions of personal relationships across the life span; individual differences and their influences on relationships; relationship processes such as cognition, emotion, and communication; relational qualities such as satisfaction and commitment; environmental influences on personal relationships; and maintenance and repair of relationships. The authors are experts from a variety of disciplines, including several subfields of psychology, communication, family studies, and sociology, who have made major contributions to the understanding of relationships.
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Interpersonal relations--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Interpersonal communication--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Social psychology--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
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Electronic books.
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