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Human development and performance throughout the lifespan

Human development and performance throughout the lifespan / edited by Anne Cronin, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Associate Professor, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, MaryBeth Mandich, PT, PhD, Professor and Chairperson, Division of Physical Therapy, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia.
2nd edition.
Boston, MA, USA : Cengage Learning, [2016]
xxiii, 577 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
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Other contributors
Cronin, Anne, editor. Mandich, MaryBeth, editor.
Cover title
Human development & performance throughout the life span
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • pt. 1. Foundations for understanding function, disability, and health. 1. Human performance: function as an organizing framework / MaryBeth Mandich and Anne Cronin : Defining health, function, and disablement ; Conceptual frameworks of disablement ; The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) ; Putting the ICF into practice ; Domains of performance and function ; Clinical frames of reference ; The ICF and rehabilitation ; Dimensions of human function over the life span ; The ICF in practice
  • 2. Human performance: the life course perspective / MaryBeth Mandich and Anne Cronin : Life span behavioral change ; Neuroscience and life course development ; Genetics and life course development: nature-nurture revisited ; Developmental systems theory ; Systems theory of motor control ; Family systems ; Systems and health: life course theory and health development model ; Health professionals and the knowledge of human development ; Life course theory, the ICF, and systems ; Turning points
  • 3. Classic theories of human development / MaryBeth Mandich : Classification of theory ; Affective domain ; Cognitive domain ; Psychomotor domain ; Continuous multi-domain: behaviorism ; Who really cares about theory
  • 4. Culture and development / Anne Cronin with contributions by Winifred Schultz-Krohn : Definition of terms ; Culture as a system of learned values ; Acculturation ; Cultural characteristics ; Cultural influences on development ; Poverty and development ; Culture, language, and health literacy ; Cultural beliefs about disability ; Culture across borders
  • 5. Life span communication / Anne Cronin : Definitions ; Communication in the ICF ; The interrelationship between culture and communication ; Communication development ; Linguistic development ; Refining language skills ; Metalinguistic awareness ; Written communication ; Impact of language skills ; Communication disorders ; Language impairment ; Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) ; Life and relationships
  • 6. Mental functions and learning across the life span / Anne Cronin : Terminology of the ICF ; Learning and applying knowledge ; Making a difference
  • 7. Environmental contexts / Anne Cronin with contributions by Ingrid M. Kanics : Natural environment and human-made changes to the environment ; Products and technology ; Support and relationships ; Barriers
  • pt. 2. Life stage characteristics. 8. Prenatal development / Elsie R. Vergara and MaryBeth Mandich : Overview of prenatal development ; Prenatal classification systems ; Development of body structure in the pre-embryonic (germinal) period ; Development of body structure in the embryonic period ; Development of body structure in the fetal period ; Prenatal development of body function ; Contemporary medical issues regarding prenatal development ; Genetics and biology
  • 9. The newborn / MaryBeth Mandich : The term infant ; Activity and participation ; Environmental and family issues ; The at-risk infant ; Preterm infants ; Practice in the NICU
  • 10. Infancy / MaryBeth Mandich : Body structure and function: change over the first year ; The first year of life: an overview ; Variations in development ; The foundation of infancy ; The parent-infant bond
  • 11. Family and disability issues through infancy / Anne Cronin : Attachment issues ; High-risk infant care ; Siblings of medically fragile infants ; Fragmentation of health care services ; Social and medical factors related to disability in infants ; Common causes of disability and chronic illness in infancy ; Chronic and disabling diseases in infancy ; Characteristics of the condition ; Families, culture, and coping with infant illness ; Major life areas ; Early intervention and special education ; Service under IDEA ; Ethics and children with a chronic condition ; Chronic sorrow
  • 12. Development in the preschool years / Anne Cronin : Body structures and functions ; Development of self-care
  • skills ; School-readiness skills ; Chronic childhood conditions
  • 13. Childhood and school / Anne Cronin : Body functions and structures ; Asynchronous development ; Activities and participation ; School challenges
  • 14. Adolescent development / Anne Cronin : Body functions and structures ; Activities and participation ; Health and impairment ; Those teen years
  • 15. Family and disablement issues throughout childhood / Anne Cronin and Susannah Grimm Poe : Developmental differences and the family ; Common developmental disabilities ; Common acquired or emergent conditions in children and adolescents ; Family culture and culturally responsive health care ; Major life areas ; My special gift
  • 16. Early adulthood / Anne Cronin : What is early adulthood? ; Body functions and structures ; Activities and participation ; Major life areas ; Community, social, and civic life ; Recreation and leisure ; Religion and spirituality ; Labels
  • 17. Middle adulthood / Anne Cronin : Body functions and structures ; Health risks in middle adulthood ; Activities and participation ; Major life areas ; Community, social, and civic life ; The high points and challenges ; Life in the middle
  • 18. Late adulthood / Anne Cronin with contributions from Pamela Reynolds : The biology of aging ; Body functions and structures ; Health risks in late adulthood ; Activities and participation ; Major life areas ; Community, social, and civic life ; The simple things
  • 19. Family and disablement in adulthood / Anne Cronin and Garth Graebe : Common causes of disability in adulthood ; The experience of acquired disability in early and middle adulthood ; Major life areas ; The experience of congenital/developmental disability in adulthood ; The experience of disability in late adulthood ; Hanging on to loved ones and home
  • 20. Wellness, prevention, and health promotion / Ralph Utzman and Anne Cronin : Population health and healthy people 2020 ; Improving the health of communities ; Community health interventions ; Wellness and health behaviors ; Health policy, prevention, and the future ; Wellness and child mental health
  • pt. 3. Special topics in human development and performance. 21. Public policy and health care / Barbara L. Kornblau and Anne Cronin : Social justice ; Policy on an international scale ; National policy ; Antidiscrimination legislation ; Entitlement programs ; Health care policy ; Advocacy and political action ; Policy issues for rehabilitation professionals ; Telehealth ; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ; Oh! The politics of health care!
  • 22. Assessment of human performance across the lifespan / MaryBeth Mandich, Anne Cronin and Toby Long : Models of assessment ; Tests and measures ; Overview of common assessments by ICF dimension ; Assessment as a guide to treatment ; The ICF, health outcomes, and health policy ; Measuring the unmeasureable.
Human Development and Performance Throughout the Lifespan, 2nd Edition is ideal for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation disciplines. It provides a broad, occupation-based viewpoint of development and performance throughout all life stages with an emphasis on the factors that influence daily participation and optimal performance of desired daily life tasks. The authors use a life course conceptual model as an organizational foundation for clinical reasoning to help readers understand how to implement the activity- and participation-based goals and outcomes for therapy. Written by an occupational therapist and a physical therapist, the book incorporates chapters by leading experts in human development, giving users cutting-edge information and a wide range of perspectives. By integrating information from the International Classification of Function and Disability (ICF) with a developmental life-task perspective, the book gives both newcomers and experienced professionals an essential, contemporary frame of reference.
Subject headings
Medical rehabilitation. Disability evaluation. Developmental biology.
Medical subjects
Disabled Persons--rehabilitation. Activities of Daily Living. Human Development. Occupational Therapy--methods. Physical Therapy Modalities.
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