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The caveman mystique : pop-Darwinism and the debates over sex, violence, and science

McCaughey, Martha, 1966-
The caveman mystique : pop-Darwinism and the debates over sex, violence, and science / Martha McCaughey.
New York : Routledge, c2008.
viii, 167 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 141-157) and index.
  • "Welcome back to the caveman times": an introduction
  • Sperm wars, sex wars, and science wars
  • Downsized cavemen going apeshit
  • Moral disdain for men
  • Sperm wars
  • Sex wars
  • Science wars
  • Homo resurrectus: the theory of evolution as a moral answer for men
  • Darwin's theory and the crisis in morals
  • Darwinism as the second coming
  • Darwin's soldiers: a salvation army
  • The scientific truth that will set us free
  • Moral answers for the moral animal
  • Science and certainty
  • The caveman as resurrection
  • Homo habitus: evolution, popular culture, and the embodied ethos of male sexuality
  • The caveman in popular culture
  • Caveman therapy
  • Caveman desires
  • Caveman edutainment
  • Moral lessons for cavemen
  • The caveman as embodied ethos
  • Homo sexual : perverting evolutionary stories of male sexuality
  • How to pervert evolutionary theory
  • Evolution and evolutionary theory are already perverted
  • Heterosexual masculinity as the origin of the origins of heterosexual masculinity
  • Homosexuality as heterosexuality ... as homosexuality
  • Setting the evolutionary record queer
  • Do gay brains make better politics?
  • Learning to live with perversion
  • Homo textual: a missing link between science and culture
  • Popularity and reality
  • Evolutionary theory and scientific certainty
  • Evolutionary insights for a change
  • Beyond the grand narrative of science
  • Beyond the science wars
  • A great leap forward.
Kinsey subjects
Gender role identification--Male. Men psychology. Sex behavior--Male. Homosexuality--Male. Violence. Biological anthropology.
9780415934749 (cloth) 0415934745 (cloth)


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