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Collection of 54 Artworks

[Collection of 54 Artworks]
54 items: [1-20] 20 photographs: platinum prints; gelatin silver prints; 14 x 11 in. [31-33] 3 photographs: digital prints; 6 x 2 in. [34] 1 photograph: gelatin silver print; 5 3/8 x 3 1/2 in. [35-36] 2 stereo cards: gelatin silver prints mounted on cardboard; 3 1/2 x 7 in. [37-53] 17 photographs: photograph reproductions and one gelatin silver print; various dimensions [54] 1 poster: color print; 29 1/4 x 19 1/2 in., in black frame.
Other contributors
Ascherman, Herbert Jr. Kelley, E.W.
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54 items: [1-20] 20 photographs by Herbert Ascherman, Jr. depicting male and female models nude or in fetish clothing, 2012-2013; [21-30] 10 photographs by Herbert Ascherman, Jr. depicting two clothed models outdoors in Paris, 2011-2012; [31-33] strip of 3 photographs of Herbert Ascherman, Jr., 2013; [34] 1 formal portrait of two figures in male clothing (possibly cross-dressing women, by unknown photographer, c. 1900; [35-36] 2 stereocards by E.W. Kelley, 1906; [37-53] 17 photographs of male bodybuilders, with one gelatin silver print of Arnold Schwarzenegger by unknown photographer (other photographs are reproductions removed from magazines or a calendar), probably 1970s; [54] 1 advertising poster for stationary company in Shanghai, China, depicting two partially nude women in a domestic interior, in black frame.
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Men in art. Photography. Nudes in photographs Women in art. Nudes in art. Clothing. Clothing--fetishism. Sex in art. Sex variations in art. Transvestism. Photography early works. Stereopticon cards. Physical culture. Body build culture. Popular culture studies. Graphic arts. Posters.


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