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Cuban Artist's Book Sexualidad

Cuban Artist's Book Sexualidad
Havana, Cuba: Proyecto Taller, 2010. Florence, Massachusetts: Red Trillium Press, 2010. 2010.
1 book: linocut; 7.75 x 10 in., 8 x 10.25 in enclosure.
"The twelve artists to conform the project workshop as a group." Edition 2/30 books and 5 binder's copies. Made in Havana, Cuba, Julio 2010.
Work by Geraldine Bimore Santana: Suave como el viento.
Work by María Antonia Mestril Altarriba: Comunicación.
Work by Janet de la Osa Caro: Interrelación.
Work by Sandra Rosa Austrich García: Toma 1, escena 2, grabando.
Work by Magnolia Moré Abreu: Dualidad.
Work by Jesús Reyes Romeu: Te gusta mi cuchicuuchi.
Work by Ernesto Sargenton Riviaux: De la obsesión y el detalle.
Work by Roberto Hernández Rosabal: Sin título.
Work by Roberto Morales Hernao: Des-cubiertos.
Work by Enrique Rodríguez Muñoz: El inicio.
Work by Fernando Ruiz Selgas: Unas y otros.
Work by Luis Lamothe Duribe: Los doce.
"Sexuality infulences our whole being. Sexuality is a more inclusive term than "sex" as it takes many factors into account: biology, psychology, social economy, culture, ethics and religion. To a greater or lesser extent, taking individual differences into consideration, in everything that we feel, think, and do, sexuality is present. It is the way that everyone expresses their desires, thoughts, fantasies, behavior, daily activities and personal interactions. these vary according to the moral value systems which guide different social groups and cultures. There are as many different sexual expressions as there are human beings. To the extent that this forms part of our personal experience, we can speak about the culture of sexuality. At the same time we live with conflicting points of view and face complex aspects otday when we try to take on other sexually determined cultural roles. With this book of engraved artwork we endeavor to illustrate these ideas, through artistic creativity as it falls to intellectual curiosity, which reveal a wide variety of positions and critiques on the subject and its main purpose is human expression. Magnolie Moré for the Collective July 2010"
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Sex and society--Cuba. Book arts. Sexuality. Sex behavior--Cuba.


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