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Photos by BIRON collection : 3 TB Hard Drive

Photos by BIRON.
[Photos by BIRON collection : 3 TB Hard Drive]
12 photos: 972 GB 340 model files from 1993 to the present; [2]540 MB - 340 model alias files in (7) folders; [3]4.5 GB - text files; [4]168 MB 12"JPG model image files; [5]602 GB - All San Francisco Bay area;c [7]283 GB- All SF Street Fairs and Gay and other cultural events, 1990s -2000s; [9] 18 GB chronological & locations grouped photos from the 1950s, 1950s-2000s; [10]27-GB-Archvial digital files; [11]4.8 GB folders of exhibitions and projects; [12]1.4 GB Folders re donors' Facebook page.
Title Supplied by the Cataloger. [Lionel Biron's professional name is Photos by BIRON].
[1] Models - films listed by name from 1993 to the present, each containing sets of archival negative scans or direct images as well as sets of 12' JPB images. Also celebrity folders in MISC: Dennis Hopper, Quentin Crisp, Dennis Hopper, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jesse Jackson; [2] Multiculturalist - Files in 7 folders: Asian, Black, Caucasian-Europe, Caucasion USA, Latino, Middle Eastern and physically challenged;[3] Words - text files including unpublished Bert Petty book manuscript and some unreadable old text/db files (discontinued software) concerning SF art galleries and early web exhibitions. - LaCie B.; [4]Best - not definitive selection of (230) 12' JPG model image files;[5]Blogs - incomplete list of 140 web/blogs sites which wer emailed and often published Biron pics. [6] Bay Area & Travel- All SF Bay Area and travel photos listed alphabetically by location (Castro, China Town) and topic (ie. Bikes, Skateboards an Musuems.). This grouping excludes all street fairs and gay events;[7]Collages- All photo-transforms and collages in individual model files listed by first name. Any photo file with a 'T' at end has been Photoshopped. All includes folders for grouped/oversied collages, Yannic Huneau (Lyon France) collages and Kinrod (Costa Rica) collages, two artists who used donor's photos. Also various image file folders used in creating his collages (paintings, frames, African fabrics", [8] All San Francisco Street Fairs and Bay and other public cultural events. Includes Gay Pride, Dore Alley & Folsom St. Fairs from 1992 tot the present;[9] Exhibition Publications - Chronologically listed exhibition and publication folders;[10]Personal Photos - Chronological & locations grouped photos from the 1950s. Plus folder for Frits Stael, Jowee, Mebinchi, Miguel & Ruth Michaels; [10] Biron Books - Archival digital files used to produce donor's Apple books and My Publisher books grouped by printer and book title; [11] Canet Paris Gallery - folders listed by exhibitions and projects for the Au Bonheur du Jour Galler from 2008 to the present; [12] Other Collections - folders re donor's Facebook page, Queer Arts Resource (QAR curator)., ToF Foundation, Helen Breger and Charles Kitcart (ADM: African Diaspora Maritime). Also digital image files published weekly in SF Bay Times from 2003-2004.
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