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The essential guide to hysterectomy : advice from a gynecologist on your choices before, during, and after surgery

Streicher, Lauren F.
The essential guide to hysterectomy : advice from a gynecologist on your choices before, during, and after surgery / Lauren F. Streicher, M.D.
Online Resource
2nd ed.
Lanham : M. Evans, [2013]
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I: Hysterectomy Past and Present; Chapter 01. The History and Politics of Hysterectomy; Chapter 02. Anatomy 101; Chapter 03. Who Gets a Hysterectomy? Who Absolutely Needs One?; Part II: Uterine Disorders and Alternatives to Hysterectomy; Chapter 04. Fibroids-What, Where, and How; Chapter 05. Nonsurgical Treatment of Fibroids; Chapter 06. Removing Fibroids; Chapter 07. Uterine Prolapse; Chapter 08. Pain and Abnormal Bleeding; Chapter 09. Precancerous Conditions and Cancer; Part III: Surgery and Recovery; Chapter 10. Abdominal Hysterectomy.
Contents note
Chapter 11. Vaginal Hysterectomy and Treatment of Urinary IncontinenceChapter 12. Laparoscopic and Robotic-Assisted Hysterectomy; Chapter 13. Choosing a Surgeon; Chapter 14. Anesthetic Issues; Chapter 15. Preparing for Surgery; Chapter 16. The Day of Surgery; Chapter 17. Recovering from Surgery; Chapter 18. Complications and How to Reduce Your Risk; Part IV: Decisions Regarding Surgery; Chapter 19. The Cervix Decision; Chapter 20. The Ovary Decision; Chapter 21. Women at Genetic Risk for Gynecologic Cancers; Chapter 20. Time for That Tummy Tuck? Plasticand Associated Procedures.
Part V: Life after HysterectomyChapter 23. Exercise and Other Activities; Chapter 24. A Word (or Two) about Hormones; Chapter 25. Alternatives to Estrogen Therapy; Chapter 26. Sex after Hysterectomy; Chapter 27. Pregnancy after Hysterectomy; Chapter 28. What I Have Learned from My Patients (and Their Husbands); Chapter 29. Resources; Index; About the Author.
This updated version of the groundbreaking book reveals what a survey of post-hysterectomy patients have said; what men have to say about their fears, perceptions, and misconceptions about their sexual relationships with their partner after hysterectomy; and what choices 1,000 board certified female gynecologists would make for themselves if they were facing hysterectomy.
Subject headings
Hysterectomy--Popular works.
Patient education.
Hysterectomy Popular works.
Patient education.


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