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From the dress-up corner to the senior prom : navigating gender and sexuality diversity in preK-12 schools

Bryan, Jennifer, 1961-
From the dress-up corner to the senior prom : navigating gender and sexuality diversity in preK-12 schools / Jennifer Bryan.
Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Education, ©2012.
xxvi, 365 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 343-354) and index.
  • Gender and sexuality diversity at school: what educators need to know and then some
  • section I: GSD: developmentally appropriate practice
  • section II: (Biological) sex: defining the terms; learning the language; grasping the concepts
  • section III: Gender: defining the terms; learning the language; grasping the concepts
  • section IV: Sexuality: defining the terms; learning the language; grasping the concepts
  • Heteronormativity at school: questioning the "natural order" of things
  • A framework for engaging GSD at school: educational mission; best "good" pedagogical practices
  • section I: Educational mission
  • section II: Standards of good practice
  • GSD at school: understanding what you see; thinking critically about what you see
  • section I: What we see; how we see
  • section II: GSD at school
  • GSD professional development: 'Learnings" that lead to best practices
  • section I: Critical approaches to GSD professional development
  • section II: Creating the context for learning
  • section III: program evaluation: what did I learn? what should we do next?
  • GSD in early childhood and elementary education: strategies, application, and curriculum
  • section I: Communication strategies
  • section II: developmental tasks, units of study, GSD lessons
  • GSD in middle and high school education: development, safety, and curriculum
  • section I: developmental considerations
  • section II: "safety for GLBTQI students at school
  • section III: curriculum integration
  • Comprehensive health and sexuality education providing foundations for GSD literacy
  • Leadership, policies, and programs: supporting GSD education at schools
  • section I: the challenge of effective leadership
  • section II: policies and philosophies
  • sectionsIII: creating and implementing policies
  • sectionsIV: programs that support gender and sexuality diversity education
  • Personal and professional identity in GSD education: teaching as a " Whole Person"
  • section I: teacher identity development: where professional and personal meet
  • section II: the visibility dilemma
  • section III: GLBTQI educators and simple visibility
  • section IV: the role of not
  • GLBTQI educators.
Very few PreK-12 teachers are adequately trained to address the gender identity and sexual identity of their students in a developmentally-appropriate and pedagogically-sound manner. Yet responsible adults-parents, educators, pre-service teachers, coaches, religious instructors, camp administrators and school counselors- must help children navigate the inherently diverse, increasingly complex world of gender and sexuality in the twenty-first century. This book is a practical, forward thinking resource for anyone involved in educating children and adolescents. Jennifer Bryan takes readers into classrooms, administrative meetings, recess, parent conferences, and the annual pep rally to witness the daily manifestations of gender and sexuality diversity at school. She provides a coherent framework for understanding what readers "see," and invites them to use a contemporary, heart/mind perspective as they consider the true developmental needs of all elementary, middle, and high school students. The book features thoughtful questions, models of dialogue, accessible lesson plans, and many pedagogical strategies. At the heart of this book, though, are the evocative stories from teachers, students, and parents that Bryan has listened to over the span of her career. These personal anecdotes bring the comprehensive explorations of this seminal work to life. -- Publisher description.
Subject headings
Sex differences in education--United States.
Gender identity--United States.
Gender identity in education--United States.
Sexual orientation--United States.
Teachers--In-service training--United States.
Kinsey subjects
Gender role identification --Child.
Gender role identification--Adolescent.
Mentor student relationships.


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