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Ten Commandments of Pleasure : Erotic Keys to a Healthy Sex Life

Block, Susan.
Ten Commandments of Pleasure : Erotic Keys to a Healthy Sex Life.
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London : Souvenir Press, 2011.
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  • Cover; Title Page; Dedications; Acknowledgments; Contents; The 10 Commandments of Pleasure; A Prescription for Pleasure; How to Use This Book; Pre-Commandment Notes to Readers; The Pleasure Point System; The 10 Commandments of a Lady's Pleasure; 1. Thou Shalt Pay Attention to the Details of Her Desire; 2. Thou Shalt Stimulate Her Senses; 3. Thou Shalt Compliment Her Meaningfully and Often; 4. Thou Shalt Encourage Her To Show And Tell You How She Likes To Be Touched; 5. Thou Shalt Listen To Her ...
  • 6. Thou Shalt Make Her Laugh; 7. Thou Shalt Give Her Things.
Contents note
  • 8. Thou Shalt Exude Confidence and Vulnerability9. Thou Shalt Have Foreplay; 10. Thou Shalt Find Out What Her Dreams Are Made Of ...
  • Dr. Susan Block's 10 Commandments of a Lady's Pleasure (Abbreviated Version); The 10 Commandments of a Gentleman's Pleasure; 1. Thou Shalt Accept Him for Who He Is ...
  • 2. Thou Shalt Adore His Penis; 3. Thou Shalt Be a Source of Beauty in His Life; 4. Thou Shalt Inspire Him; 5. Thou Shalt Excite Him; 6. Thou Shalt Mother Him, but Not Smother Him; 7. Thou Shalt Discover His Deepest Desires and Fantasies.
8. Thou Shalt Remember What Thy Mama Said: "All Men Are Little Boys"9. Thou Shalt Regard Him as a Hero; 10. Thou Shalt Swallow; Dr. Susan Block's 10 Commandments of a Gentleman's Pleasure (abbreviated version); Endnotes; Epilogue; Copyright.
To lead a sexually satisfying life takes more than learning new techniques, it takes knowledge of your partner's needs, hopes and fantasies. Dr Susan Block's witty, sensual and irreverent guide lays down the laws that will lead you down the path to erotic delight, provide the keys to unlocking each other's deepest desires and outlines how to give unequalled pleasure.
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Sex instruction.
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Sex education advice.
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Sex instruction.


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