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Non-binary family configurations : intersections of queerness and homonormativity

Non-binary family configurations : intersections of queerness and homonormativity / [edited by] Brian Joseph Gilley, Giuseppe Masullo
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2022]
vi, 206 pages ; 24 cm
Other contributors
Gilley, Brian Joseph, 1972- Masullo, Giuseppe.
Includes biblgiographical references.
  • Part I: Methodologies and Epistemologies of LGBTQ2 Communitites
  • Social research methodologies to understand LGBTQ+ families / Fabio Corbisiero
  • Body and sexuality between nature and culture / Paola Di Nicola
  • Finding family and affective resistance to the social order / Massimo Del Forno
  • Part II: Expanding the notion of LGBTQ2 family
  • Citzens of an unqueer nation: tradition and the same-sex marriage debate in Indian country / Brian Joseph Gilley
  • Families in sociocultural change: from structure to relationship / Emiliana Mangone
  • Scottish same-sex families: relational negotiations and belongings / Dora Jandrić
  • Transgender couples' lives: between specificity, the need for normalization, and new forms of social discrimination / Giuseppe Masullo and Marianna Coppola
  • Queering motherhood and mothering queers in Morocco / Benjamin Ale-Ebrahim
  • Part III: Social and legal challenges of LGBTQ2 parenting
  • Coming out into a tranparent closet: gays and lesbians and theier families of origin / Roman Kuhar and Alenka Svab
  • Pluralizing the debate on same-sex parenting: strategies and narratives of Italian LGBT parents with children from heterosexual relationships / Luca Trappolin
  • Same-sex parenting in contemporary Italy: constructing parenthood on insecure grounds / Salvatore Monaco and Urban Nothdurfter
  • Mother and father? Ideas and possiblilities of starting a family by transgender and non-binary people in Czech Republic / Iva Baslarovạ́, Jitka Cị́rklovạ́, and Giuseppe Maiello
  • Born to be different: LGBTQ2 children of heterosexual families / Claudio Cappotto, Cirus Rinaldi, and Marco Bacio.
"This volume provides a close look at the ways in which LGBTQ2 people form familial bonds. It brings together stories from non-binary families across continents and cultures and recenters care as a foundational value for creating familial ties. This volume therefore addresses a gap in the literature concerning non-binary family configurations by going beyond the legal battle for non-binary partnership rights. In recent discussions on marriage equality, the notion of familial bonds, which was important in early discussions on non-family research, has been decentered in favor of legal and homonormative understandings of individual rights. This volume centers familial bonds as the first step toward reimagining how to do research on the family and adds to research on family studies as well as gender studies." -- from back cover.


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