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Latinx queer psychology : contributions to the study of LGBTIQ+, sexual and gender diversity issues

Latinx queer psychology : contributions to the study of LGBTIQ+, sexual and gender diversity issues / [edited by] Reynel Alexander Chaparro, Marco Aurélio Máximo Prado.
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022
vii, 181 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Other contributors
Chaparro, Reynel Alexander. Prado, Marco Aurélio Máximo.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction: LGBTIQ+ sexual and gender diversity psychology from a Latinx perspective / Reynel Alexander Chapparro ; Marco Aurélio Máximo Prado
  • Contributions of the liberating community psychology approach to psychosocial practice on sexual and gender diversity / Rocío Garrido ; Anna Zaptsi
  • The diaspora of identity: a 'Cuir' look upon identifications in the photograph of Lariza Hatrick / Ariel Martínez
  • REsisting by existing: trans Latinx mental health, well-being, and resilience in the United States / Jasmine M. Koech ; Jules P. Sostre ; Gabriel M. Lockett ; Kristen A. Gonzalez ; Roberto L. Abreu
  • LGBTAIQ+ research in Puerto Rico: what has been documented / Caleb Esteban ; Alíxida Ramos-Pibernus ; Astrid Irizarry-Rodríguez ; Luis X. Díaz-Medero ; Edna Mattei-Torres ; Coral Jiménez-Ricuarte
  • Psychology and LGBTI+: science, power, and politics on queer perspectives in Brazil / Marco Aurélio Máximo Prado ; Paula Sandrine Machado
  • Psychology and the LGBTI+ issue in Uruguay: the Uruguay psychoanalysis journal's discourse in a case study / Paribanú Freitas De León
  • Homosexuality justification and social distance: a cross-cultural approach from Latin America using world values survey data / Jaime Barrientos Delgado ; Joaquín Bahamondes
  • Psychology training and awareness of heteronormativity. Understanding emergent strategies for LGBTQ+ affirmation care in Bogotá, Colombia / Reynel Alexander Chaparro ; Javier Illidge
  • Queering psychology or psychologists? Retrospective reflections of a performative autoethnographic intervention in Costa Rican psychology association / Daniel Fernández-Fernández.
"This book brings together studies that contribute to the emergence of a latinx queer psychology. LGBTQ+ studies have gradually included the perspective of sexual and gender diversity, but they have been predominantly elaborated from North American and European perspectives. This book focuses on different understandings and practices developed by Latin American researchers that contribute to a broader application of psychological knowledge in LGBTQ+ studies, as well as sexual and gender diversity issues, but goes beyond the region by also incorporating chapters written by European and North American authors influenced by latinx perspectives. . . The chapters in this book showcase both theoretical contributions and empirical researches in this emerging field from six Latin American countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Uruguay – as well as from Spain, the United States and Puerto Rico." -- from publisher.


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