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Transgender India : understanding third gender identities and experiences

Transgender India : understanding third gender identities and experiences /
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022
xvii, 199 pages ; 24 cm
Other contributors
Vakoch, Douglas A.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction. Transgender to transperson: an overview of Indian histories of self, sex, and society / Sonya J. Nair
  • Part I: Literature
  • Rewriting the subject and the self: a study of Hijra life writings / Shalini Jayaprakash
  • Queer futurities in Arundhati Roy's "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness" / Anna Guttman
  • Indian influences and the transgender imagination in the Chinese literary classic "Journey to the West" / Peter I-min Huang
  • Part II: History
  • Contradictionm and concurrence of castration and the fertile phallus: a transgender reading of ancient Indian literature and contemporary Hijra experience / Ruman Sutradhar
  • The colonial cens(re/ses) of transbodies in nineteenth-century South Asia / Shane P. Gannon
  • Part III: Law
  • Differs in dignity: shame, privacy, and the law / Vaibhav Saria
  • Time to "Act": guaranteeing full citizenship of transgender persons in India / Sangeetha Sriraam
  • Part IV: Health and employment
  • Exploring the psychosocial needs of third gender people living with HIV in Hyderabad, India / Sameena Azhar ; Jason Vaudrey
  • Employment issues of transgender individuals in Gujarat, India: an analysis of the origin / Supriya Pal ; Neeta Sinha
  • Part V: Transmen
  • Female, masculinities and women of third nature: analyzing the gender and sexual politics of identity and visiblity of alternative masculinitites through Indian mythologies and literary narratives / Tanupriya
  • "Families we choose": kinship patterns among migrant transmen in Bangalore, India / Agaja Puthan Purayil.
"Transgender India: Understanding Third Gender Identities and Experiences provides the first scholarly study of hijras, transmen, and other third gender Indians from the perspective of a range of disciplines in the behavioral and social sciences, as well as the humanities. This book fosters a dialogue across academic fields, as authors cross-reference each other’s chapters, comparing and contrasting their views of transgender experience and identity in India. This multidisciplinary approach helps readers understand the complex interplay of factors that have led to discrimination against third gender individuals, as well as paths forward to a more equitable and just future, in ways that go beyond the perspective of a single academic field. This multidisciplinary approach is the book’s most distinctive feature in comparison to existing works limited to individual fields such as anthropology, investigative journalism, and history. The broad scope of Transgender India is relevant to scholars and students in diverse disciplines who seek a greater and more nuanced understanding of the behavioral and societal impact of these issues." -- from publisher.


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