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Social work and prostitution : professional approaches in theory and practice

Social work and prostitution : professional approaches in theory and practice / [edited by] Martin Albert ; Julia Wege.
Wiesbaden, Germany : Springer, 2022
vii, 239 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Other contributors
Albert, Martin. Wege, Julia.
This book is a translation of the original German 1st edition Soziale Arbeit und Prostitution by Martin Albert and Julia Wege, published by Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, part of Springer Nature in 2015. The translation was done with the help of artificial intelligence (machine translation by the service A subsequent human revision was done primarily in terms of content, so that the book will read stylistically differently from a conventional translation.
  • Introduction / Martin Albert ; Julia Wege
  • Social work in the field of prostitution: structural development trends in the context of organisations, social space and professional role / Martin Albert
  • Prostitution in the neighbourhood: development concepts for a design in public space / Christiane Howe
  • Drug-using sex workers are service providers: a change of perspective in social work in the fight against sexualised violence and exploitation in "drug prostitution" / Kathrin Schrader
  • Social work in teh context of prostitution: professional approaches in teh field of tension between different systems and actors / Julie Wege
  • Outreach social work in the field of health services for sex workers / Elfriede Steffan ; Tzvetina Arsova Netzelmann
  • Sex work and social work: an instruction manual / Jacqueline Suter ; Melanie Muñoz
  • Social work with prostitutes in Zurich: illustrated by the experiences of the Isla Victoria Counselling Center / Regula Rother
  • Career entry in teh field of female prostitution: challenges in teh context of social work counselling / Julia Kempl
  • Social work with trafficked persons for sexual exploitation in Germany / Naile Tanis ; Tabea Richter
  • (Forced) prostitution: between voluntariness and external determination, insights from the perspective of practical social work in a specialised counselling center against human trafficking / Katharina Kahler
  • Coaching, supervision and process support of counselling centres for sex workers / Angela Siebold
  • Needs analysis and concept development for a counselling centre in teh field of prostitution for the city of Mannheim / Julia Wege ; Martin Albert.
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