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Assorted periodical collection no. 402

Assorted periodical collection no. 402
Journal, Periodical
Hustler's hottest honeys: 1974-2003 (L.F.P.) : (2003)
Hustler [South African edition] (JT Publishing) : Summer special album vol.1 (1995)
Hustler [Australian edition] (JT Publishing) : vol.5, no.1 (2000)
Huslter [U.K. edition] (JT Publishing) : vol.5, no.4 (1998)
Score (Score Group) : Aug 1998, April 2002, Nov 2002, March 2003, May 2004 [2 copies, covers missing], Oct 2009, Holiday 2004
Sexy Score [Sexy Busty Score] [French edition] (Quad International) : no.42 (Nov 2000)
The very best of Score (Score Group) : Special no.13 (1997)
Cheri magazines sinful secrets in Lingerie : (Winter 1992)
Penthouse International pets [The girls of Penthouse] (General Media Communications): (April 1996)
Hustler (JT Publishing) [South African edition] : World Cup Rugby special (1995)
Penthouse (European Publishing) [Dutch/Netherlands edition] : (July 1999)
The girls of Penthouse (Gemkilt Publishing) [New Zealand/Australia edition] : (1992)
Penthouse hot talk (General Media Communications) : vol.12, no.11(Oct/Nov 1999)
Penthouse [Japanese edition] : vol 8 (Aug 1986), vol.50-51 (May-June 200)
Subject headings
Photography of women--Periodicals.
Kinsey subjects
Nudes in photographs--Periodicals. Men's magazines. Sex magazines.


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