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Philosophical perspectives on sex and love

Stewart, Robert M.
Philosophical perspectives on sex and love / edited by Robert M. Stewart.
New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1995.
ix, 333 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references: p. 323-333.
  • From The subjection of women / John Stewart Mill
  • On the future of love: Rousseau and the radical feminists / Elizabeth Rapaport
  • Feminist politics and feminist ethics: treating women as sex objects / Linda LeMoncheck
  • What is feminism? / Michael Levin
  • A first look at the pornography/civil rights ordinance: could pornography be the subordination of women? / Melinda Vadas
  • A second look at pornography and the subordination of women / William Parent
  • Should feminists oppose prostitution? / Laurie Shrage
  • Moral criticism and the social meaning of prostitution / Robert Stewart
  • Freud and perversion / Jerome Neu
  • Sexual perversion / Thomas Nagel
  • Is homosexuality bad sexuality? / Michael Ruse
  • Sadomasochism: an ethical analysis / J. Roger Lee
  • Of chastity and modesty / David Hume
  • Duties towards the body in respect of sexual impulse / Immanuel Kant
  • Crimina Carnis / Immanuel Kant
  • In defense of promiscuity / Frederick Elliston
  • Is adultery immoral / Richard A. Wasserstrom
  • On the nature of rape / John H. Bogart
  • From Symposium / Plato
  • From The metaphysics of the love of the sexes / Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Don Juan's Secret / Soren Kierkegaard
  • First attitude toward others: love, language, masochism / Jean-Paul Sartre
  • from The woman in love / Simone De Beauvoir
  • Appraisal and bestowal / Irving Singer
  • Reconciling Eros and Agape / Alan Soble
  • Love's bond / Robert Nozick
  • The virtue of (erotic) love / Robert C. Solomon
  • From Nicomachean ethics / Aristotle
  • The circumstances of justice: pluralism, community, and friendship / Neera Kapur Badhwar
  • Paternalism and friendship / Ellen Fox
  • Why lovers can't be friends / James Conlon
  • What do grown children owe their parents? / Jane English
  • The duties of grown children / Jeffrey Blustein
  • Parents, children, and friendship / Anthony Graybosch.
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