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Collection of the first China International Symposium on Sexology

First China International Symposium on Sexology
Collection of the first China International Symposium on Sexology.
Xichang, China: First China International Symposium on Sexology, 1994.
157 p. ill. 27 cm.
Other contributors
Lujin, Ahai.
Text in Mandarin and English.
Partial contents
  • Sexual attitudes change and sex education / Zhou Lianhong
  • Patterns of family interaction in early sexual behavior / Jocelyne Theriault
  • Bottomless child adoption and incest / Gilbert Van Aelst, et al.
  • Exhibitionism and existentialism / Gilbert Van Aelst
  • Sexual orientation and sexual outlets among Thai medical students / Sompol pongthai
  • Changes in the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenic impatients in China / Zuan Zhao et al.
  • Producing explicit videos for sexual enrichment / Michael Perry et al.
  • How to convey to adolescents that honesty, responsibility and carin are essential for safe, satisfying and stable sex / Uri Lang
  • The research work on sexology and sex culture in China / Liu Dalin
  • Sex difference in definition and attitude about sexual harassment / Chen Yuping et al.
  • Homosexuality, AIDS threat and sexual behaviors
  • an exploratory study / Ko Naiying et al.
  • Knowledge and education level of the sex among current college students in Liangshan / Hu Zhen et al.
  • Biological causes of males sexual crime / Wu Jun et al.
  • KAPP studies on sex-related issues among college students in Shanghai : knowledge of sex and determining factors / Zhao Pengfei
  • An investigation into the soxial origin of a man's sexual assault / Wang Qurong et al.
  • Analysis on the psychological factors which related to induced female adolescence to have prostitution behavior / Long Qinchun
  • The survey of sexual harassment in hotline / Lu Zheng
  • An analysis of the personality defects of female sexual offenders / Zheng Han
  • Hail to Eros of China / Jin Dechu
  • Social and behavior study of STD patients in Shanghai and indepth interview survey / Zhao Pengfei
  • Sexual psychoanalysis of 88 cases female intellectuals / Wang Jianguo et al.
  • The psychological reaction and acceptability about the contraceptives among rural women / Su Lanfen et al.
  • Discussion on the so-called not dwelling in husband's home and the sexual culture, sexual medicine of concerned nationalities / Wang Zelan et al.
  • Sexual psychological perversion and their counter-measure for prevention and cure / Zhang Xinghe
  • Preliminary study of female sex education / Hu Qingjun
  • Paired researches of affective disorders and personality in female mental patients suffered from sexual violation in their early ages / Li Mingyuan
  • The sexual relation of Neri on Lugu Lake area / Li Dazhu
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy of paraphilia / Ji Jianline
  • An investigation of prevalent sexual sense and sexual psychology among collegians / Wang Shufen
  • A tentative idea on sex education model of middle school students from Chinese minority nationality area / Zhang Zhongxiao et al.
  • On sexual education and the people's right of getting sanitation health / Zhu Shoulan
  • A preliminary study on the individual character of young females with sex fault or crime / Li Jiangbo et al.
  • An investigation on sexual life of peasants' couples nowadays / Xiang Yunhua et al.
  • On sex health education of the elderly / Shang Zuyei
  • Forseeing the change of psychological structure of our country's children-colony from the developing tendency population / Wu Minzhong
  • The ratio and the reason of the pre-marital sexual behavior / Li Zhenggin et al.
  • The sexual problems of sexual offenders in detention and a selection of counter measure to deal with the situation / Wang Zhongshui
  • Viewing the characteristics of sexual offenders constitution at the Chinese medical angle / Wu Jun et al.
  • Analysis of child bearing mentality of Gravida / Gong Suyu
  • A preliminary research on traditional chinese sex education / Li Shujuan
  • Some problems in Chinese sexual education / Hang Yuanying
  • The exact record of intercourse between male animal and a woman / Wang Nuan
  • Sexual factor such as sexual criminal etc. in criminal case's composition and defencing / Zhang Yunchen
  • Hexagrams and sex / Li Minyuall
  • Research for minority sex culture in China / Ahai Lujin et al.
Kinsey subjects
Sex education. Sex education conferences. Sex psychology. Sociology. Medicine Venereal diseases.


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