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Pornography : attitudes, use, and effects

Pornography : attitudes, use, and effects / edited by W. Cody Wilson, Michael J. Goldstein.
Ann Arbor, MI : The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, 1973.
238 p. : tables ; 23 cm.
Other contributors
Wilson, W. Cody. Goldstein, Michael J. Davis, Keith E. Braucht, George N. Howard, James L. Liptzin, Myron B. Johnson, Paula. Goodchilds, Jacqueline D. Kutschinsky, Berl. Mann, Jay. Sidman, Jack. Starr, Sheldon. Mosher, Donald L. Nawy, Harold. Wallace, Douglas H. Abelson, Herbert I. Zurcher, Louis A. Reifler, Clifford B.
Other titles
Journal of social issues. vol. 29, no. 3.
Special issue of Journal of Social Issues, Vol.29, no.3 (1973). Includes bibliographical references. Paperbound.
  • Exposure to pornography, character, and sexual deviance : a retrospective survey / Keith E. Davis and George N. Braucht
  • Exposure or erotic stimuli and sexual deviance / Michael Goldstein
  • Is pornography a problem? / James L. Howard, Myron B. Liptzin, and Clifford B. Reifler
  • Pornography, sexuality, and social psychology / Paula Johnson and Jacqueline D. Goodchilds
  • The effect of easy availability of pornography on the incidence of sex crimes : the Danish experience / Berl Kutschinsky
  • Evaluating social consequences of erotic films / Jay Mann, Jack Sidman, and Sheldon Starr
  • Sex differences, sex experience, sex guilt, and explicitly sexual films / Donald L. Mosher
  • In the pursuit of happiness? Consumers of erotica in San Francisco / Harold Nawy
  • Obscenity and contemporary community standards : a survey / Douglas H. Wallace
  • Experience with and attitudes toward explicit sexual materials / W. Cody Wilson and Herbert I. Abelson
  • Law enforcement officer's perceptions of pornography as a social issue / W. Cody Wilson
  • Pornography : the emergence of a social issue and the beginning of psychological study / W. Cody Wilson
  • Ad hoc antipornography organizations and their active members : a research summary / Louis A. Zurcher.
Kinsey subjects
Erotica research. Behavioral effect of erotica research--Adult--Male--United States. Erotica consumers--Adult--Male. Sex offenders and erotica. Psychological testing. Attitudes on erotica--Female--United States--20th century 1960-1979. Changing role of women. Erotica research--Adult--Male--California--20th century 1960-1979. Attitudes on erotica research--United States--20th century 1960-1979. Erotica consumers. Sex behavior and sex differences. Police--United States. Erotica--United States--20th century 1960-1979. Sex and society--United States--20th century 1960-1979. Sex and society--United States. Censorship organizations--United States.


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