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S & M : studies in dominance & submission

S & M : studies in dominance & submission / edited by Thomas Weinberg.
Revised ed.
New York : Prometheus, c1995.
312 p. ; 23 cm.
Other contributors
Weinberg, Thomas S.
Gebhard, Paul H. Sadomasochism.
Variant title
S and M
Studies in dominance and submission
Includes index.
Includes bibliographical notes.
Rebound May, 1997.
  • S & M: an introduction to the study of sadomasochism / Thomas S. Weinberg and G.W. Levi Kamel
  • Psychopathia sexualis / Richard von Krafft-Ebing
  • Sadism and masochism / Sigmund Freud
  • Studies in the psychology of sex / Havelock Ellis
  • Sadomasochism / Paul H. Gebhard
  • The leather career: on becoming a sadomasochist / G.W. Levi Kamel
  • Autobiography of a dominatrix / Juliette
  • Diversity in sadomasochism: four s & m careers / G.W. Levi Kemel and Thomas S. Weinberg
  • An exploratory-descriptive study of a sadomasochistically oriented sample / Charles Moser and Eugene E. Levitt
  • Sadism and masochism: sociological perspectives / Thomas S. Weinberg
  • A secret side of lesbian sexuality / Pat Califia
  • Nonmainstream body modification: genital piercing, branding, burning, and cutting / James Myers
  • The mineshaft: a retrospective ethnography / Joel I. Brodsky
  • Sadomasochistic themes in mainstream culture / Thomas S. Weinberg and Martha S. Magill
  • Leathersex: meaningful aspects of gay sadomasochism / G.W. Levi Kamel
  • On the prevalence and roles of females in the sadomasochistic subculture: report of an empirical study / Norman Breslow, Linda Evans, and Jill Langley
  • The magazine of a sadomasochism club: the tie that binds / Rick Houlberg
  • Sociological and social psychological issues in the study of sadomasochism / Thomas S. Weinberg.
Kinsey subjects
Sadomasochism research.
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