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Taking sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in human sexuality

Taking sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in human sexuality / selected, edited, and with introductions by William Traverner.
9th ed.
Dubuque, Iowa : McGraw-Hill Education, 2006.
xxii, 338 p. ; 23 cm.
Other contributors
Taverner, William J.
Portion of title
Clashing views on controversial issues in human sexuality Human sexuality
Variant title
Controversial issues in human sexuality
Includes several articles authored by Kinsey scientists. Includes bibliographical references and index. Paperback.
  • pt. 1. Sexual health issues
  • Should sexuality education be comprehensive?
  • Should schools make condoms available to students?
  • Is Masters and Johnson's model an accurate description of sexual response?
  • Is oral sex really sex?
  • Should emergency contraception be available over the counter?
  • Is the G-spot a myth?
  • Is the testosterone patch the right cure for low libido?
  • Should health insurers be required to pay for infertility treatments?
  • Should female circumcision be banned?
  • pt. 2. Social issues
  • Should sexual content on the Internet be restricted?
  • Should the FCC restrict broadcast "indecency"?
  • Is pornography harmful to women?
  • Is pedophilia always harmful?
  • Should federal funding of stem cell research be restricted?
  • Should sexuality research receive public funding?
  • Do schools perpetuate a gender bias?
  • Should society support cohabitation before marriage?
  • pt. 3. Legal issues
  • Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  • Should prostitution be legal?
  • Should schools pay damages for student-on-student sexual harassment?
Kinsey subjects
Sex behavior--United States. Sex ethics--United States. Sex education--United States. Legal aspects of sex behavior--United States.
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