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The meaning of difference : American constructions of race, sex and gender, social class, and sexual orientation : a text/reader

The meaning of difference : American constructions of race, sex and gender, social class, and sexual orientation : a text/reader / Karen E. Rosenblum, Toni-Michelle C. Travis [editors].
4th ed.
Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2006.
1 v. (various pagings) : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Rosenblum, Karen Elaine.
Travis, Toni-Michelle, 1947-
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Who is black? One nation's definition / F. James Davis
  • The evolution of identity / Washington Post
  • Census 2000 : seventeen questions from the long form
  • Real Indians : identity and survival of Native America / Eva Marie Garroutte
  • Latinos in the U.S. race structure / Clara E. Rodríguez
  • Tripping on the color line : black-white multiracial families in a racially divided world / Heather M. Dalmage
  • Asian American panethnicity / Yen Le Espiritu
  • Whiteness as an "unmarked" cultural category / Ruth Frankenberg
  • The five sexes : why male and female are not enough / Anne Fausto-Sterling
  • The Berdache tradition
  • Walter L. Williams
  • The gendered society / Michael S. Kimmel
  • It's your gender, stupid! / Riki Wilchins
  • What's class got to do with it? / Michael Zweig
  • Getting ahead : economic and social mobility in America / Daniel P. McMurrer and Isabel V. Sawhill
  • America's economic transformation / Nancy Wiefek
  • Nickel and dimed : on (not) getting by in America / Barbara Ehrenreich
  • This hard-earned money comes stuffed in their genes / Dusty Horwitt
  • The hazards of naming sexual attraction / Michael R. Kauth
  • Is homosexual a noun? / Paul R. Abramson and Steven D. Pinkerton
  • The end of gay (and the death of heterosexuality) / Bert Archer
  • Oppression / Marilyn Frye
  • What are you? / Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto
  • Everybody's ethnic enigma / Jelita McLeod
  • Ethnic identity and racial formations : race and racism American-style a lo latino / Marta Cruz-Janzen
  • The cost of whiteness / Thandeka
  • "Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" / Beverly Daniel Tatum
  • The minority quarterback / Ira Berkow
  • A day in the life of two Americas / Leonard Steinhorn and Barbara Diggs-Brown
  • At a slaughterhouse, some things never die / Charlie LeDuff
  • Diversity and its discontents / Arturo Madrid
  • Fast girls : teenage tribes and the myth of the slut / Emily White
  • How do we know what manhood really is? / John Stoltenberg
  • Chappals and gym shorts : an Indian-Muslim woman in the Land of Oz / Almas Sayeed
  • Anti-gay slurs common at school : a lesson in cruelty / Laura Sessions Stepp
  • For children of gays, marriage brings joy / Patricia Leigh Brown
  • All souls / Michael Patrick MacDonald
  • Stupid rich bastards / Laural Johnson Black
  • Why are droves of unqualified, unprepared kids getting into our top colleges? Because their dads are alumni / John Larew
  • Public transit / John Hockenberry
  • "Can you see the rainbow?" The roots of denial / Sally French
  • Thirteen Supreme Court cases and the Civil War amendments
  • Social movements and the politics of difference / Cheryl Zarlenga Kerchis and Iris Marion Young
  • After Brown : the rise and retreat of school desegregation / Charles T. Clotfelter
  • The minority rights revolution / John D. Skrentny
  • The possessive investment in whiteness : how white people profit from identity politics / George Lipsitz
  • What's good enough? / Peter Schrag
  • Gender discrimination in the workplace / Jeanette N. Cleveland, Margaret Stockdale, and Kevin R. Murphy
  • The bankruptcy of virtuous markets : racial inequality, poverty, and "individual failure" / Michael K. Brown ... [et al.]
  • The model minority : Asian American "success" as a race relations failure / Frank Wu
  • A world of their own / Liza Mundy
  • Disability definitions : the politics of meaning / Michael Oliver
  • Cause of death : inequality / Alejandro Reuss
  • Generation E.A. : ethnically ambiguous / Ruth La Ferla
  • Patriarchy gets funky : the triumph of identity marketing / Naomi Klein
  • Is race over? / David R. Roediger
  • Black men : how to perpetuate prejudice without really trying / Barry Glassner
  • Racism in the English language / Robert B. Moore
  • Gender stereotyping in the English language / Laurel Richardson
  • Let's spread the "fun" around : the issue of sports team names and mascots / Ward Churchill
  • To be and be seen : the politics of reality / Marilyn
  • Frye
  • Influencing public policy / Jeanine C. Cogan
  • What can we do? Becoming part of the solution / Allan G. Johnson
  • In defense of rich kids / William Upski Wimsatt
  • Uprooting racism : how white people can work for racial justice / Paul Kivel.
Kinsey subjects
Social conditions--United States.
Social classes.
Ethnic groups.
Gender role identification--United States.
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