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Other Middle Ages : witnesses at the margins of medieval society

Other Middle Ages : witnesses at the margins of medieval society / edited by Michael Goodich.
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c1998.
viii, 265 p. ; 24 cm.
Other contributors
Goodich, Michael, 1944-2006
The Middle Ages series
Includes bibliographical references (p. [255]-256) and index. Water damaged.
I. The Jews: From Tolerated Minority to Persecuted Foe. Caesarius of Heisterbach (ca. 1225) and Thomas of Cantimpre (ca. 1263) on Catherine of Louvain. Meir ben Isaac, Purim (1236). Rabbi Judah ben Yehiel Asheri of Toledo (d. 1349), Testament. Baruch the German of Languedoc (1320). Anonymous Disciple of Abraham Abulafia, Shaarei Tzedek (The Gates of Justice) (ca. 1290/95) II. Apostates and Converts. Obadiah the Convert (ca. 1100), Epistle. Hermann of Scheda (ca. 1107 70), Opusculum de conversione sua. Sa'id ibn Hasan of Alexandria, Masalik al Nazar (The Ways of Understanding) (1298). Ramon Llull, De vita sua (1311/12) III. Sexual Nonconformists and the Fires of Lust. Robert of Flamborough, Liber poenitentialis (1210/13). Municipal Legislation of Pisa (1286) and Bologna (1288). Arnaud of Verniolle (1323/24). Gerard Cagnoli (d. 1342) and the Exorcism of Lust. Bridget of Sweden (d. 1371). Third Lateran Decree on Lepers (1179). Humbert of Romans, To the Leprous IV. Victims of the Devil: The Possessed, the Ecstatics, and the Suicidal. Otloh of St. Emmeram (1010 after 1067), Liber de tentationibus suis. Christina of Stommeln, Epistolae (1272). Pope Celestine V (1212? 96), Autobiografia. Giacomuccio Fatteboni (1325). Yves of Penguennan (1330), Follower of Yves of Treguier (d. 1303) V. Christian Heterodoxy. Peter Waldo, Profession of Faith (1181/82). Statutes Against Heresy (1229). Arnauda da Lamotha of Montauban (1244). Beatrice of Planisolles (1320). Flordebellina of Milan and Others (1300), Disciples of Guglielma. Thomassa (1318), Disciple of Clare of Montefalco VI. Insiders and Outsiders: Liminality and Integration. The Orders of Penance at Bologna (1244) and Bergamo (1265). Filippa di Leonardo di Gislerio (1254), Disciple of Clare of Assisi. Salimbene de Adam (d. ca. 1287), Cronica. Jo
Kinsey subjects
Social ethics--Medieval. Social conditions--Medieval. Biographies of men. Biographies of women.
9780812216547 (pbk. : acid-free paper) 0812234480 (hardcover : acid-free paper) 9780812234480 (hardcover : acid-free paper) 0812216547 (pbk. : acid-free paper)


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