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The psychophysiology of sex

The psychophysiology of sex / edited by Erick Janssen.
Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2007.
xv, 527 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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Janssen, Erick.
Kinsey Institute series ; v. [8]
"This book is the outcome of a conference, the first of its kind, on the psychophysiology of sex. The conference was held in Bloomington, Indiana, in July 2003."--Introd. Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Brain functional imaging studies of sexual desire and arousal in human males / Serge Stoléru and Harold Mouras
  • The human sexual response : similarities and differences in the anatomy and function of the male and female genitalia : are they a trivial pursuit or a treasure trove? / Roy J. Levin
  • Discussion paper / John Bancroft
  • General discussion
  • Autonomic nervous system influences : the role of the sympathetic nervous system in female sexual arousal / Cindy M. Meston and Andrea Bradford
  • Neuroendocrine processes during sexual arousal and orgasm / Tillmann H. C. Krüger, Manfred Schedlowski, and Michael S. Exton
  • Female arousal response using serial magnetic resonance imaging with initial comparisons to vaginal photoplethysmography : overview and evaluation / Julia R. Heiman and Kenneth R. Maravilla
  • Discussion paper / Roy J. Levin
  • General discussion
  • Cognitive-affective processes in sexual arousal and sexual dysfunction / Markus Wiegel, Lisa A. Scepkowski, and David H. Barlow
  • The sexual unconscious / Mark Spiering and Walter Everaerd
  • Discussion paper / James H. Geer
  • General discussion
  • The dual control model : the role of sexual inhibition and excitation in sexual arousal and behavior / Erick Janssen and John Bancroft
  • Discussion paper / Serge Stoléru
  • Interactive processes in ejaculatory disorders : psychophysiological considerations / David L. Rowland, Wendi Tai, and Klynt Brummett
  • Discussion paper / Donald S. Strassberg
  • General discussion
  • The role of classical conditioning in sexual arousal / Heather Hoffmann
  • Discussion paper / James G. Pfaus
  • How do men and women feel? : determinants of subjective experience and sexual arousal / Ellen Laan and Erick Janssen
  • The voluntary control of genital response, arousal, and orgasm / Donal G. Strassberg
  • Discussion paper / Walter Everaerd
  • General discussion
  • Desire emerges from excitement : a psychophysiological perspective on sexual motivation / Stephanie Both, Walter Everaed, and Ellen Laan
  • Models of sexual motivation / James G. Pfaus
  • Discussion paper / Erick Janssen
  • General discussion
  • Sexual dysfunction, sexual psychophysiology, and psychopharmacology : laboratory studies in men and women / Raymond C. Rosen, Markus Wiegel, and Noel Gendrano III
  • Disabilities, psychophysiology, and sexual functioning / Marca L. Sipski
  • Discussion paper / Julia R. Heiman
  • General discussion
  • Cognitive processes and gender differences in sexuality / James H. Geer and Jason L. Hicks
  • Discussion paper / Raymond C. Rosen
  • The sexual psychophysiology of sexual orientation / Meredith L. Chivers and J. Michael Bailey
  • Psychophysiological assessment of paraphilic sexual interests / Michael C. Seto
  • Discussion paper / David L. Rowland
  • General discussion.
Kinsey subjects
Physiological psychology. Sex psychology. Sexual response physiology. Sex behavior research. Sex dysfunctions. Sex conferences--Indiana.
9780253348982 (cloth : alk. paper) 0253348986 (cloth : alk. paper)


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