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Fifteen Photographs by Tom Bianchi

Bianchi, Tom.
Fifteen Photographs by Tom Bianchi.
All prints are 20" x 16".
All of the photographs are gelatin silver prints that are signed and dated by the artist in the lower right corner.
Fifteen photographs by Tom Bianchi: 1) 4 nude men standing by an outdoor swimming pool, 1988, AP 2/3; 2) 2 nude men on the deck of a building containing a swimming pool, with a swimming nude man visible through a window below, 1990, 7/35; 3) Nude man standing on a rock, casting his shadow; 1990, 1/35; 4) 4 Nude men beside an outdoor swimming pool, 1989, 1/35; 5) Group of 5 men on an outdoor staircase, 1991, 1/35; 6) 6 nude men around an outdoor swimming pool, 1989, 2/35; 7) Nude man standing beside a sliding glass door, with another nude man standing behind the glass; the reflection of the photographer is visible in the glass on the right of the image; 1990, 2/35; 8) Nude man laying beside a pool, with his reflection visible in the water, 1991, 2/35; 9) Seated nude man performing fellatio on a standing nude man, 1991, 1/35; 10) 2 nude men reclining next to an outdoor swimming pool, while 2 other men jump into the waer, 1991, 1/35; 11) Nude man bending over with his fingertips touching the floor and his hair hanging over his face, an Abyssinian cat is standing in front of him, with its face touching his hair, 1991, 2/35; 12) 2 nude men partially submerged in several natural outdoor pools surrounded by rocks, a third man is visible under the water, 1989, 6/35; 13) Nude man laying beside an outdoor swimming pool, his head resting on his hands, 1990, 13/35; 14) Contact sheet containing 36 photographs depicting sexual activity between groups of 2 to 5 nude men, 1991, 2/35; 15) Contact sheet containing 36 photographs depicting 2 to 4 nude men in various poses (with no apparent sexual activity), 1989, 8/35. All prints are 20" x 16".
Kinsey subjects
Photography--Male Homosexual fellatio Homosexuality--Male


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