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Contemporary families and alternative lifestyles : handbook on research and theory

Contemporary families and alternative lifestyles : handbook on research and theory / edited by Eleanor D. Macklin, Roger H. Rubin.
Beverly Hills : Sage, c1983.
416 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Other contributors
Macklin, Eleanor D. Rubin, Roger Harvey.
"Published in cooperation with the Groves Conference on Marriage and the family." Includes bibliographies. Also issued online.
  • Foreword / Robert G. Ryder
  • Prologue : The 1970s and American families (a comitragedy) / Catherine S. Chilman
  • Part I: Lifestyle alternatives
  • Singlehood / Peter J. Stein
  • Nonmarital heterosexual cohabitation : an overview / Eleanor D. Macklin
  • Voluntary childlessness : a critical assessment of the research / Jean E. Veevers
  • Single-parent families : in the mainstream of American society / Edward H. Tompson, Jr., and Patricia A. Gongla
  • Divorce : a frequent "alternative" in the 1970s / Sharon Price Bonham, David W. Wright, Joe F. Pittman
  • Remarraige and stepfamilies : research results and implications / Catherine S. Chilman
  • Dual-career/dual-work families : a systems approach / Mary W. Hicks, Sally L. Hansen, Leo A. Christie
  • Commuter marriage : couples who live apart / Naomi Gerstel and Harriet Gross
  • "Open" marriages and multilateral relationships : the emergence of nonexclusive models of the marital relationship / David L. Weis
  • Gay male and lesbian relationships / Joseph Harry
  • Radical community : contemporary communes and intentional communities / Gerry Brudenell
  • Contemporary traditional families : the undefined majority / Sara B. Taubin and Emilly H. Mudd
  • Part II: Lifestyle perspectives and issues
  • Alternatives for the elderly / Paula L. Dressel and Beth B. Hess
  • The present and future of alternative lifestyles in ethnic American cultures / Marie F. Peters and Harriette P. McAdoo
  • Alternative lifestyles from an international perspective : a trans-Atlantic comparison / Bram Buunk
  • Clinical issues in alternative lifestyles / Robert A. Phillips, Jr.
  • The law and alternative lifestyles / Noel Myricks
  • Teaching about alternative family forms and lifestyles / Anthony P. Jurich and Catherine A. Hastings
  • Religious reactions to alternative lifestyles / Robert T. Francoeur
  • Epilogue : Families and alternative lifestyles in an age of technological revolution / Roger H. Rubin.
Kinsey subjects
Family. Child parent relationships. Sex customs. Trial marriage. Remarriage. Marriage research. Homosexuality. Extramarital sex behavior. Group sex. Marital roles. Divorce.
Other subjects
United States Families - Sociological perspectives
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