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Anachronism and its others : sexuality, race, temporality

Rohy, Valerie.
Anachronism and its others : sexuality, race, temporality / Valerie Rohy.
Albany, N.Y. : SUNY Press, 2009.
xvi, 178 p. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Three analogies: history, psychoanalysis, literature
  • Douglass and Jacobs in the future perfect
  • Local melancholia: Jewett and Cather
  • Time lines: Hopkin's literary history
  • A darker past in The Garden of Eden
  • Ahistorical.
Slogans such as "gay is the new black," the use of evolutionary rhetoric against gay marriage, and nationalist efforts whithin the United States to promote the white family all gesture toward an analogical relationship between race and sexuality in contemporary culture. Anachronism and Its Others traces contemporary analogies between homosexuality and blackness to their nineteenth-century origins--particularly the notions of "primitivism" associated with people of color as promoted by scientific racism, and the characterization of homosexuality as "arrested development," according to sexologists. Valerie Rohy explores the linked tropes of backwardness and regression associated with race and sexuality in the U.S. culture and included in literary works by Edgar Allen Poe, Frederick Douglass, Pauline Hopkins, Willa Cather, and Earnest Hemingway, as well as interdisciplinary cultural context such as the history of science, psychoanalytic theory, popular journalism, and political rhetoric. Linking together two major directions in current queer scholarship--the relationship between race and sexuality and queer temporality--Rohy offers a critical genealogy that illuminates the ways in which race and sexuality are connceted by concepts of time and untimeliness.
Kinsey subjects
Literature psychoanalysis. Homosexuality in literature. Ethnic groups.
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